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March 11, 2021
STORIES CORNER: Upcycling in the fashion industry

Circular economy in the fashion industry

Winner of the SDG Tech Awards 2020, Wair is a textile upcycling start-up fighting to create a waste-free fashion industry – Lili gave us her perspective on what does that mean and how can upcycling help fight textile waste:

The success criteria of a circular economy is a state where we don’t create waste. Where products are designed to be recirculated forever.
However, right now, the fashion industry is far from a waste-free economy.

As legislation, consumer pressure, and many other factors hopefully push the agenda on designing fashion that will not end up as waste, we also have to remember to find solutions for the ever-increasing mountains of discarded textiles. Imagine a tap of water running – the most important task is to turn the tap off, so it won’t “leak” the same as textiles, they will be kept in a circular system. However. . . .

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