Super hero name?

Thomas Norman Canguilhem

What is your superpower?

We let people save the planet by planting trees, and make money at the same time. Pretty cool, right?

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What SDG is your organization integrating into its core competency?

We contribute directly to three of the sustainable development goals and we’d like to tell you how, because it’s something we’re particularly proud of!

GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
We produce high-quality timber with sustainable forestry techniques, preserving the diversity of European flora and fauna and ensuring the renewal and growth of forests. Wood is a renewable material that doubles up as a carbon sink, but its carbon impact is generally lesser than alternative materials, even more so if sourced locally.

GOAL 13: Climate Action
EcoTree is committed to playing a part in optimizing carbon sink through forest management and planting. With EcoTree, it is easy and accessible both for individuals and businesses to contribute to the reforestation and preservation of our common green heritage. And these are our best and most reliable means of fighting global warming.

GOAL 15: Life on Land
We are restoring damaged ecosystems and sustainably managing and growing forests in order to reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

Every hero has a villain – what adversities are you trying to fight?

Climate change, human impact on nature and the idea that we need to leave all forest untouched. Because we’d like to share something mind blowing… Forests can provide AND flourish at the same time! This is at the heart of what we’re doing at EcoTree; shifting people’s perspective from seeing forests as either something to protect (good) or cut down (bad). Because humans have a bad habit of messing everything up when it comes to taking what we need from the environment to survive. In the future we envisage, it’s not about survival. It’s about flourishing. And we’re passionate about growing evidence that it’s actually good for our planet to get everyone involved in sustainable timber production.

What are you doing to defeat your villain?

EcoTree is a simple and ground-breaking way to reward the development of our planet’s vital forests. And not just a symbolic reward! Our model financially rewards individuals and businesses supporting sustainable forestry. We help anyone turn their good intentions for a greener planet into profitable action, with an act as simple and tangible as buying a tree. But at EcoTree, we don’t just plant trees. We grow forests. And put them in everyone’s hand!

Who is your hero and why?

You’ve probably sensed our answer to this one already… Everyone. We need everyone to become foresters in order to defeat our villains!

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Fact Box

  • Company name: EcoTree
  • Company type: Corporation
  • Company stage: Scaling
  • SDG Focus: SDGs 12, 13 & 15
  • What is needed to succeed? Partnership, awareness and technology
  • Country: France & Denmark
  • Website:
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