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29 October 2019

The Department for International Trade in the Netherlands hosted a lecture on corporate sustainability, where AkzoNobel and Ace & Tate shared their journeys and inspired the audience to take their companies’ sustainability efforts even further.

Both companies approach this topic from different perspectives: AkzoNobel is the global market leader in the paints and coatings, while Ace & Tate is a fast-growing Dutch retail company that has disrupted the eyewear market by offering trendy, high-quality glasses at far more affordable prices.

Rinske van Heiningen, Director Sustainability at AkzoNobel, highlighted how AkzoNobel works with customers and suppliers to develop solutions that do more with fewer resources, as well as the opening of their new site in Ashington (UK): the most sustainable paint factory in the world.

Marlot Kiveron, Sustainability Manager at Ace & Tate, challenged the notion that scaling up fast and sustainability cannot go hand in hand. In fact, Ace & Tate’s growth has stimulated its sustainability efforts, as it has allowed the company to drive down the costs of using sustainable materials.

Simon Banham, Deputy Country Director at DIT NL, spoke about the highlighted initiatives the UK government has introduced which demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, as well as the UK’s ambition to lead the world in terms of clean growth technologies and green finance.

The Dutch stop of the Sustainability Tour Europe attracted 40 attendees from Dutch businesses, industry and government, leading to increased Dutch interest in participating in the Sustainable Fast Track UK programme.

24 MARCH 2020

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