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Green Finance Opportunities in the UK and access to African markets

27 November 2019

The UK Department for International Trade in Israel hosted a breakfast seminar for 20 companies within agritech, healthcare, cleantech or energy sector, discussing the opportunities in the UK and Africa and the way innovative Israeli businesses could benefit the region.

HMA Neil Wigan – who served as a UK Ambassador in Africa from 2010-2019, where he was UK Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo and UK Ambassador to Somalia, as well as the Foreign Office Director for Africa – discussed his experience serving in the region and shared his thoughts on the lack of resources, the gap in the market and the ways innovative Israeli businesses could benefit the region with their sustainable solutions.

Later Liron Attias (DIT) moderated a panel with successful green-tech companies:

  • Tanya Waxman, (COO at Addionic) explained how new design-based thinking has made rechargeable batteries much more sustainable
  • Noa Aharoni, (Manager, Cleantech & Construction Tech The Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute) talked about the amazing successes of green Israeli industry in international markets
  • Julia Schifter, (VP Strategy Analysis at Tipa) talked about developing fully compostable plastic for packaging

24 MARCH 2020

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