Become a Leader of Sustainable Change.

What is the Sustainable Innovation Camp?

Certifies the next generation of sustainable solution leaders.

Having completed the program, these next-generation business leaders will become Green Innovation Agents, well-equipped for driving the green transition via their student jobs and future careers. 


Why the Sustainable Innovation Camp?

  • prepares youth to implement sustainable solutions in their future workplace
  • provides the first step towards an impactful career
  • puts participants ahead of the curve by providing skills that the future needs
  • develops soft and hard skills in a classroom and practical environment

To fulfill the national ambition of becoming a green frontrunner in climate action, Denmark needs to accelerate the green transition. This requires novel solutions and competencies in companies across industries, and leaders capable of innovating and implementing sustainable solutions. To ensure that the new generations of business professionals possess such capabilities is therefore imperative.

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This program is built on an innovation-based methodology that embeds sustainability into the heart of an organization through innovation, collaboration, and strategic thinking.

Program structure

The 3-day camp will run 5 different editions per year, with 30 participants per camp. Camps will be hosted at Universities all over Denmark.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Identify & Create SDG business cases 
  • Replicate Co-creation & SDG Ideation models
  • Understand stakeholder engagement & partnerships 
  • Understand Sustainability and the green transition as drivers for business 
  • Implement Sustainable Project Management & Design
  • Understand Impact Assessment

The main goal is to educate how to implement SDGs using a case-based learning approach, whereby students work together with leading companies on real sustainable business cases.

Who can participate? 

  • University or higher education students with the motivation to make impactful change in their organizations
  • Recent graduates (within 1 year) looking to add to their skill set for their future green career

We are committed to providing a diverse array of participants, and ensure equal gender representation for our program.

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