Sustainability Tech Park

The Avança Araucária Project

Partnership vision

Denmark is the leading sustainability country in the world. Curitiba and the Metropolitan Region are the most sustainable cities in Brazil. We want to create a link between these two realities through the Avança Araucária project, aiming to make the state of Araucária a hub of excellence and international recognition of sustainable technology.

Partnership strategy

Sustainable technologies can be seen through 3 lenses:

  • Mature countries, localities or companies have already implemented technology solutions to SDG challenges and have obtained positive results. Others are able to get ideas/technology transfer from these tested and mature solutions through collaboration and knowledge sharing;
  • Startups already have the technology, but need help for full development, growth and/or complete market validation from our partners;
  • An SDG Challenge requires technology development through research and/or elaboration of specific projects.

Lines of Action

Understanding this reality, we will create an enabling environment and structured processes for our physical hub in Araucária to realize 3 main lines of action:

  • Technological Transfer (TT) from our global network
  • Startup acceleration/incubation
  • Project design and implementation, bringing together companies, government, universities, and entrepreneurs through an International Project Office


The sustainability tech park focuses on 4 main businesses:

  • Biotechnology
  • Agrotechnology
  • Clean Energy
  • Smart Cities


The activities to be carried out by the Avança Araucária Project, supported by Sustainary, include:

1. Design the strategy and concept for a Sustainable Technology Park (STP)
2. Design co-creation projects that involve all sectors and collaborations
3. Run events, workshops, hackathons to connect spaces (and partners) with entrepreneurs, industry, and universities
4. Give advice and make calls from national and international expert partners on topics of interest to the STP
6. Conduct and execute acceleration and incubation programs (startup segmentation)
7. Create national collaboration with universities in Brazil and internationally

Previous Events

The International Innovation Summit in Araucária, Paraná, Brasil.

22 and 23 November, 2019

During the event the Governor of Paraná State signed an agreement for Sustainary to run a Sustainable Tech Park in Araucária, Brasil!

5 panel discussions, 20 startup pitches, and 3000+ attendees. This event kicks off our mission to make the state of Araucária a hub of excellence and international recognition of sustainable technology through the Avança Araucária Project and Sustainable Tech Park.

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