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December 1, 2020
STORIES CORNER: 5 inspiring startups led by Danish women

5 inspiring startups led by Danish women

The business world is moving faster than ever on the track of erasing exclusivity towards races, genders, and ages. At Sustainary, we stand up for diversity and equality. Which is why there is a category dedicated to this matter at the SDG Tech Awards. Denmark has had a long culture and history for gender equality within the workplace and to celebrate this we bring you 5 inspiring startups led by Danish women!

1. Sara Kobli – COASTI

Sara Kobli was inspired by her roots in Ivory Coast to form COASTI – an organic beverages producer. The product was a call back to Côte d’Ivoire’s culture and history with their Hibiscus drinks. 

Sara does this by actively supporting entrepreneurship and agribusiness among young people and women in Africa, providing a sustainable solution towards youth unemployment. Her main way of boosting local economies is by using raw materials from African producers for her products. 

Aside from that, Sara makes sure that COASTI’s products are eco- friendly and are 100% made of organic ingredients. The choice of the elephant for COATI’s logo comes from it being a symbol of the Ivory Coast, generally associated with strength and longevity. One could say it is a symbol and testament to Sarah’s strength as well.

2. Louise Brandstrup Zastrow – Travel Kollekt

Louise Brandstrup Zastrow – CEO of TravelKollekt is a successful self-made business woman. She has had extensive experience working brands and concept development, yet still managed to write multiple award-winning international books.

 As a life-long traveler, she realized the “need to disconnect to connect”. Which is why Louise’s company focused on personalized travel books. The aim of it is to create a better environment for travel planning, and acting responsibly by doing research and making individual choices.

Louise ensures that her company closely follows the guidelines and advice from the UNWTO and Tourism for SDG’s on how to be a responsible traveler. They directly embed the responsible tourism manifesto from UNWTO into every book they create. All these sustainable practices make Louise an even more admirable leader.

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3. Sally Gregersen and Mathilde Aaskjaer Juul – Lulu lab 

 Sally Gregersen and Mathilde Aaskjaer Juul are not only Lulu Lab’s co-founders, they are also friends who thrive on inspiring others. Their work is actively changing the African economic landscape. 

 Lulu Lab main objectives are to seek and address the knowledge gaps within Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Mental Health, and well-being in Kenya and Ethiopia. To educate the youth on making informed decisions, the co-founders have created an app, so young people can learn more about their own health, rights and bodies. The adaptability of the games  means that everyone can play, regardless of reading or writing skills. 

 Thanks to LuLu Lab, multiple girls and young women are able to finish their education and enable them to pursue equal employment opportunities. Their mission is hard, but their commitment to the cause is a true inspiration.

4. Agnieszka Szwarczewska – Squarely 

Agnieszka Szwarczewska – CEO and Architect – founded Squarely as a way to give people the true meaning of a well-balanced design for your personal green space. The ideas came to her after 7 years of working with sustainable buildings projects.

Admiring Danish Design, Agnieszka decided to combine their traditional values with innovative thinking and sustainable mindset. Squarely products are self-watering planters, made from sustainable hardwood. Their products allow their consumers to enjoy healthy, fresh plants all year round.

Knowing how much material sourcing impacts our environment, Agnieszka made an extended effort to  produce their quality plant sets from products used for another purpose. This innovative approach of recycling and turning obsolete products into beautiful ornaments, truly shows Agnieszka’s commitment to sustainability.

5. Pernille Sandberg Bech – Goodtalks 

Pernille Sandberg Bech founded GoodTalks in collective efforts in helping to bridge the gender divide. She and her team are leading a consulting firm with the focus of helping women achieve higher positions and to have more representation on the business boards in the corporate world.

Pernille explains that is not only positive for both the company’s reputation and brand image, but it also empowers women in today’s economic and social climate. Goodtalks’ team have taught various women how to develop their businesses effectively, as well as sharpen and create top CV’s to differentiate themselves in the job market. 

Regardless if / Either you are a member of Goodtalks, or whatever your job occupation is, they are always available to help. Pernille is truly one of the many drivers catalyzing the change in the composition of the labor market- a true heroine!







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