Country: Denmark 🇩🇰
Founded: 2017

Name of the sustainable initiative

Green living with minimal waste

Initiative description

SQUARELY is a tech-design company that creates smart solutions for bringing wellness to space and environment. We combine technology with natural materials and living greens. We want to make people invest in space arrangments that enhance health and performance.: improve air quality, acoustics, space division & efficiency and visual aspects. Our products introduce new ways to add more plants with natural materials and at the same time assure effortless maintenance. SQUARELY self-watering technology reduces the time needed for maintenance by 3. SQUARELY solutions can be purchased online as the complete set with plants or ordered as custom-made projects for larger spaces.

Impact description

Sustainable production lies in the core of SQUARELY. SQUARELY was designed from start to finish to be respectful of the environment and have the most minimal impact on our planet.

  • LESS PLASTIC: We re-use and re-cycle plastics. We involved in the plastic collection of the chains of cinemas in Copenhagen.
  • MORE RECYCLED Plastic - we convinced one of the biggest industrial players: Superfos for plastic recycled plastic production,
  • LESS WAISTED WOOD, LESS CUT TREES, SQUARELY designed the products to use excess high-quality wood from other productions. Our wood is FSC certified surplus wood that we source locally.
  • SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY, We give jobs to those who have it difficult in society. They help us to re-use plastics: clean and adjust for the product's use. They assemble the SQUARELY planters.
  • LOCAL PRODUCTION, we only buy EU products for neighboring countries,
  • SALE of SUSTAINABLE PLANTS, we support a direct sale from the growers to the customers that reduced transportation and support sustainable plantations, their C02 is compensated through financing of Bamboo plantations in Uganda

  • Contact Person

    Agnieszka Szwarczewska, CEO

    What sector is the business involved in

    Plastics & waste, Design, Agriculture, Architecture

    List of regions the product is present outside the base country

    • Nordics
    • Germany

    List of countries the company could be targeting

    • UK
    • Poland
    • Netherlands

    Number of employees


    Looking for

    Capital, Partnerships, Technology, Infrastructure

    We own the IP rights for our product

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    We can help you do that. Submit your enquiry below.

    Would you like to reach out to this company?

    We can help you do that. Submit your enquiry below.