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Be a part of the Solution

Transform the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) into concrete initiatives at your workspace with our SDG Officer Program. This course will help you recognize opportunities within your workplace to leverage sustainable change and provide you with the tools required to execute your ideas.

Changing your own behaviors can be a relatively simple but embedding sustainability into the heart of a business’ operations requires innovation, collaboration and strategic thinking.

What is the SDG Officer Program?

The SDG Officer Program is a 5-session course that combines methodology with training and takes participants through the core components of implementing a sustainable project; from strategic priority mapping, to planning, to execution, to impact assessment. Participants will have a strong understanding of the steps they will need to take to implement their ideas within the workplace as we walk them through building a campaign from start to finish.

Benefits for Companies

  • An “in-house” sustainable solutions officer with creative problem solving skills and understanding of implementation strategy
  • 3 months of support from our team for your “in-house” officer to help ensure the successful launch of their first solution
  • The opportunity to brand yourself as a leader in sustainability

What’s in it for you?

  • Become a sustainability leader in your workplace
  • Learn how to create a business case for sustainable projects and identify opportunities in your workplace
  • Plan and execute a sustainability initiative in your workplace
  • Understand systems and design thinking processes
  • Learn strategies to effectively communicate and engage others
  • Develop a network of like-minded individuals
  • Receive an official “SDG Officer” certification
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Our sessions include a combination of theory, workshops and guest speakers. The aim is to provide professionals with the tools they need to be successful innovators of sustainable solutions. Workshops will be led by distinguished coaches and industry-leading experts that will continue to provide support and guidance for 3 months after program completion.

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Day 1- Opportunity Mapping

  • What are the SDG’s?
  • What are the impacts of your business and how do they relate to the SDG’s?
  • Where are the opportunities for change within your business? (internal vs. external impacts)
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Day 2- Impact Analysis & Ideation

  • Why is strategic design important? What are the ABC’s of strategic design?
  • How do you determine a projects feasibility? How do you prioritize projects?
  • What is a stakeholder assessment & barrier analysis?
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Day 3- Campaign Building

  • How do you turn an idea into reality?
  • How do you build a business case for your project?
  • How will you measure success? What are your baselines? What are your metrics?
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Day 4- Implementation & Analysis

  • How do you change cultural norms?
  • How do you get people to support your ideas?
  • What is the importance of effective communication?
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Day 5: Solutions Expo

  • Solution Expo and ideas pitch
  • Peer to peer mentoring
  • Certification
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3 months on-going support

  • Assistance hotline
  • Professional feedback
  • Workshops assistance, guest speaker presentations and other services available
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Program Dates

We’ll be offering a course that’s open to the public early in 2020.

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Who can participate?

  • You are an enthusiastic individual who is ready to inspire and be inspired
  • You have the motivation to learn and do not hesitate to take initiative
  • You have 2+ years of experience in a leadership role in your workplace
  • You have support from your workplace to take part in the course

We appreciate leaders from all industries and are committed to providing a diverse array of participants. We also encourage equal gender representation for our program.

Why be a sustainable solution leader?

Participating with like-minded individuals encourages collaboration and exposes you to an invaluable network of officers in your city. Sustainable solutions are all around us and we want to teach you how to use them to create opportunities for yourself within your organization, adding value to your work while simultaneously helping to reduce the impacts we have on our planet.

Be a part of the solution.


Find the answers to some frequently asked questions about the SDG Innovation Officer Program below:

Benefits for the SDG Officer

Build an invaluable network of like-minded individuals
Participate in future SDG innovation academy events
Be a certified SDG officer
Create change and make an impact

Benefits for the SDG Officer’s Workplace

Have an internal officer able to translate SDGs into solutions for your company
Your SDG officer designs a solution for a sustainability issue from your own workplace during the program, with 3 months of support to implement the solution
Be a frontrunner and create a branding solution by having a certified SDG officer
Show that as a company, you are empowering change.

What criteria do you look for in an officer?

We are committed to equal gender representation, and therefore will take this into consideration when selecting applicants.
We also encourage our participants to have the support and engagement from their workplace to take part in the program.

Who is eligible to apply for the program?

Working professionals with 2-8 years of experience and the motivation to make an impact.

When is the application period?

The application period will be announced on our website at a later date.

What dates do the courses take place?

Courses dates will be announced on our website at a later date.

Where is the program located?

The program courses will be at Djøf near Nørreport station (Gothersgade 133, 1123 København)