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The SDG Tech Awards Brazil 2019!

Celebrating sustainable initiatives in Brazil focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The many sustainable projects shared at the SDG Tech Awards show that Brazil has great potential to transform society.

Sustainary founder Human Shojaee says:
“We are looking for these global solutions that can address local issues and here in Brazil we discover innovative initiatives. This is an opportunity for these companies to reach those interested in these solutions, get closer to investors and international markets, and bring a transformation to people’s lives.”

106 Nominees: 3 Winners

With support from Sebrae PR, winners received a business innovation mission to Sustainary’s headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark in October 2019 to form partnerships and gain knowledge about the initiatives happening internationally related to their field.

Winner of Category Digital Solutions: Sintecsys

The São Paulo-based company developed a monitoring system that promptly detects fire outbreaks in forests, plantations, and protected areas. It also monitors human activity which is responsible for most fire outbreaks. This system reduces losses by 90% thereby protecting life, the environment, and crops. The company’s sales representative, Natália Calcagno, stressed the importance of the award for the startup:

“32% of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide are caused by burning so we want to help solve this problem. We want to make the most of this mission in Denmark to add even more knowledge to our team, and establish possible partnerships”.

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Winner of Category Gender Equality: Blend Edu

The Rio de Janeiro based company develops educational experiences to talk about the importance of diversity in companies with lectures, workshops, sensory experiences and a digital community to share knowledge about diversity. Founder Thalita Gelenske wants to leverage its experience in Denmark to understand the European market and apply the transformations learned in Brazil:

“European countries have a strong performance and are more advanced than us in projects and actions related to diversity, gender equality and sustainability. With this opportunity we want to learn and understand this culture and apply these teachings here. It will be a very transformative experience for us”.

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Winner of Category People’s Choice: Netword Agro

Netword Agro monitors the soil in order to increase efficiency and reduce the use of pesticides in crops. José Gava Neto, director of administration and finance says:

“We are happy to support this award from Sustainary, which promotes sustainability and gender equality as a focus on innovation and business. The SDG Tech Awards, within Conecta, also highlighted the reference that the event has for the innovation ecosystem”.

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  • NetWord Agro
  • Agryo
  • Pluricell
  • Origem
  • Ecofood
  • Pixforce


  • Tbit
  • Sintecsys
  • Tech Ladies
  • Safe Place
  • Blend Edu
  • Orbi Conecta

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