The Aim

We want to show that a more sustainable world IS possible, and identify existing sustainable technologies to bring these solutions into action.

Who can participate?

Any Brazilian organisation, startups and Universities utilising sustainable technologies solutions that fit in one of 17 UN SDG’s. Your solution must be beyond its ideation stage, except for university researchers.

Key Dates


    What Nominees receive:

    The SDG Tech Awards sends a powerful message to clients and employees that your company is a leader in advancing sustainable development goals.

    The nominees, finalists, and winners will receive:

    • A Mission to Copenhagen, Denmark
    • 40 hours of Mentoring by the Sustainary Team
    • Finalists and trophies will be presented at the SDG Tech Awards show on July 27th 2019.
    • Each finalist will receive a 2 hour stand slot during CONECTA on July 26th and 27th to display your sustainable solutions.
    • A spot on the Operação program at Sebrae PR (only for startups)

    Submit your nomination here:


    Please use the form below to nominate yourself or another organization/individual that has inspired you with their sustainable solutions.
    You may make more than one nomination for the SDG Tech Awards Brazil.

    Nomination SDG Tech Awards Brazil Form
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    By submitting this form you give your consent to: use and store the personal data of the contact person as submitted in this form, exclusively for the use in relation to Sustainary activites and for a period of maximum 36 months. You may withdraw your consent at any time without detriment or other ramifications. Your data will not be shared or sold to any 3rd party and will only be used by Sustainary for internal purposes only. Any processing of personal data will be lawful, fair and transparent to you. *


    Our categories include all the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on SDG 5 (Gender Equality)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Sustainable Technology?

    Sustainable technology is any tool, process, or campaign used in the production of more sustainable goods or services or in the accomplishment of sustainable objectives. Sustainable technology is the application of innovative ideas and solutions to solve sustainability problems.

    Have A Conflict Of Interest With A Judge?

    If you feel that a conflict of interest exists (examples include: submissions by current employers, direct competitors or clients), please contact us directly at and we’ll take all necessary steps to resolve it.

    Can I change my submission after I’ve sent It?

    Once an application has been submitted, we will not accept changes, except in the case where a section of the application is incomplete. 

    Our Common Language

    We are fully dedicated to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



    "Sustainary serves to provide two important assets to universities; collaboration with other partners and drive towards the chosen goals.  In that way, Sustainary facilitates improvement, innovation and impact for universities."

    Dr. Ari Johnsson
    President, Reykjavik University

    "Sustainary is uniquely important because the initiative will leverage the important innovations from Universities from around the world by connecting them with entrepreneurs, advisors and financing through Sustainary's global network and competition."

    Søren Juul Jorgensen
    Fellow & Co-Founder of the Tech Advisory Group, at the Handa Center for Human Rights & International Justice at Stanford University

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    Human Shojaee

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    Human Shojaee

    Tel: +45 29 29 07 67

    CVR: 40031960