• NetWord Agro
  • Agryo
  • Pluricell
  • Origem
  • Ecofood
  • Pixforce


  • Tbit
  • Sintecsys
  • Tech Ladies
  • Safe Place
  • Blend Edu
  • Orbi Conecta


Gender Equality: Blend Edu


People’s Choice Award:

NetWord Agro


Digital Solutions: Sintecsys

Prizes for the winners and finalists:

The SDG Tech Awards sends a powerful message to clients and employees that your company is a leader in advancing sustainable development goals.

The winners are receiving:

  • A Mission to Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 40 hours of Mentoring by the Sustainary Team.

The finalists are receiving:

  • 40 hours of Mentoring by the Sustainary Team
  • A stand at the CONECTA 2019 on July 26th and 27th to display your sustainable solutions.
  • Finalists and trophies will be presented at the SDG Tech Awards show on July 27th 2019.
  • A spot on the Operação program at Sebrae PR.
  • 80 hours Innovation Bootcamp at Cargill’s Offices

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