Yamanda Boukmakh

Super hero name?

eLearning Mastermind

What is your superpower?

CanopyLAB partners with leading NGOs to offer personalized online courses to global youth through our free platform “the LAB” covering topics such as the SDGs, sexual and reproductive rights and sustainability.


What SDG is your organization integrating into its core competency?

CanopyLAB’s network of partners is the living proof that SDG #17 is essential to making a global impact. These partnerships allow our SDG courses to have engaging expert speakers who can also create their own free online courses. In addition, we aim to realize SDG #4 by engaging global citizens through exciting material and collaborative features to support lifelong learning journeys on a free multimedia online platform called the LAB.

Every hero has a villain – what challenges do you or your targeted group face?

For many young people, the 169 targets related to 17 goals can get overwhelming and might be very grand to digest. Reaching the goals often feels like the responsibility of governments, old important people or even international organisations. My epic battle is making the SDGs more understandable and engaging for the future change makers of our planet! The SDGs are not meant to be an individual task. Learners in the LAB find relatable examples that promote action and co-creation. They go through a personalised learning journey through the SDG courses and showcase their own superpowers on their own profile.

What are you doing to overcome your villain?

To overcome my villains, I am using the power of cloud computing, adaptive learning techniques, partnerships, and social media activism! I am revamping the LAB’s 18 SDG courses to engage 15-17 year olds so that they are simpler to understand and promotes the co-creation of social activism. Courses are free and available on our open learning platform, and future change makers showcase personalised learning journey on their profiles. Young people from all corners of the globe log in to connect, ask questions about the goals, and share stories about how they are making a difference in their local communities.

Who is your hero and why?

In my eyes, everyone and anyone who considers themselves a change maker is a hero! A true change maker is a person who has the courage and drive to not only be aware of a problem, but to act on a solution!

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Fact Box

  • Company name: CanopyLAB
  • Company type: A/S
  • Company stage: Scaling
  • SDG Focus: SDGs #4 and #17
  • What is needed to succeed? We need more partnerships for the LAB. If you represent a pioneering NGO or organisations, and want to help advance the realization of SDG#4, get in touch with me at [email protected]
  • Impact: Thousands of Learners
  • Technology used: Cloud computing, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing
  • Number of employees: 12
  • Country: Denmark
  • Website: https://canopylab.com/thelab/
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