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What is your super hero name?

Sif Neldeborg, IT-Branchen / Danish ICT Industry Association

What is your superpower?

IT-Branchen empowers tech companies to make a positive change in their business field and beyond by introducing inspiration and experience in working with the SDGs.


What SDG is your organization integrating into its core competency?

SDG 17: In a digitalized world, our job is to make sure that digital technologies are enablers of good across both public and private sectors in a humanity/planet-first way.

SDG 4, 5: We work to implement the ability not only to consume digital products, but to create them. Through coding classes, more than 7000 Danish pupils have been engaged in coding.

SDG 12, 13 by 17: Our industry designs algorithms to transform industries and nudge private spending. We promote best practice together with members and public authorities.

Every hero has a villain – what challenges do you or your targeted group face?

The biggest challenge is leadership trying to cling on to old business models based on resource overspending, and overlooking new sustainable business opportunities.

What are you doing to overcome your villain?

By promoting knowledge about writing sustainable business cases, and sharing experience on how to get leadership and colleagues on board in a sustainable transformation, step by step.

Who is your hero and why?

Margrethe Vestager is doing an important job ensuring European ethical trustworthiness as a competitive strength in the tech sector, while also promoting female leadership and diversity in tech development and policy.

IT Branchen

Fact Box

  • Company name:The Danish ICT Industry Association / IT-Branchen
  • Company type: Non profit political organization
  • Company stage: Community operating
  • SDG Focus: #4, #5, #12, #13 and #17.
  • What do you need to succeed: Continuous action to create a positive change from tech companies.
  • Technology used: Digital
  • Number of employees: 17
  • Country: Denmark
  • Website:
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