Laura Starkey

Super hero name?

The Fresh Maker

What is your superpower?

At WindowMaster, we are the heroes of fresh air. Our superpower improves the indoor climate for people while lowering energy consumption in buildings, reducing the overall impact on the environment. We do this through intelligent window automation and indoor control systems. Simply put, our technology makes it easy to open the windows and let the fresh air in.


What SDG is your organization integrating into its core competency?

Our core competencies focus on 3 of the SDGs.

SDG #7: We work to improve the rate of energy efficiency globally by specializing in sustainable ventilation solutions.

SDG #9: Through industry-focused member organizations and working groups, we encourage the global building industry to explore sustainable alternatives to ventilation. We also invest up to 10% of our revenues to the R&D of our cleantech developments.

SDG #12: Since 2016, we have decreased the plastic consumption of our product packaging by 69%.

Every hero has a villain – what challenges do you or your targeted group face?

We have two villains. The first is the misconception that isolating ourselves from the outdoors will keep us healthier. Several studies show that access to daylight and fresh air while indoors is key to productivity, wellbeing, and happiness. When we sit in enclosed spaces for long periods of time, we become sleepy, have difficulty breathing, and become less productive because of the buildup of C02.

The other bad guy is the energy consumption and C02 emissions by buildings. Buildings are responsible for about 40% of energy consumption and 36% of C02 emissions in the EU. So commercial spaces have a big opportunity to make a positive impact.

What are you doing to overcome your villain?

A core part of our strategy is to get involved in our local markets through member organizations, conferences, university seminars, and industry-specific working groups to educate and advocate about the benefits of natural ventilation. As an alternative to mechanical, energy-intensive indoor climate strategies, natural ventilation provides an ROI for people, the planet, and the wallet.

Another tactic is to promote the possibility of building renovation with sustainable indoor climate strategies. We have many great cases where buildings have been successfully renovated or repurposed with intelligent window automation and indoor climate control. Sustainable building technology works for both new and old structures.

Who is your hero and why?

My heroes are the young people who attend the Khetwadi School Project through Terre des Hommes, Denmark in Mumbai, India. The school focuses on digital literacy courses and basic IT training to prepare the students to be competitive in their local job market. Despite coming from deeply disadvantaged and unsupportive environments, 116 students have graduated and 76 are currently enrolled, the majority of which are female.

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Fact Box

  • Company name: WindowMaster International A/S
  • Company type: Corporation
  • Company stage: Operating
  • SDG Focus: SDGs #7, #9, and #12
  • What is needed to succeed? Platforms to engage and advocate for the use of alternative ventilation strategies in the commercial building industry.
  • Technology used: Automated natural ventilation
  • Number of employees: 130
  • Country: Denmark
  • Website: http://www.windowmaster.com
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