Emil Bastholm Rasmussen

What is your superpower?

Superstainable develops sustainable lifestyle products and performs sustainable consultancy through a certified and 100% transparent supply chain.

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What SDG is your organization integrating into its core competency?

At Superstainable we are primarily focusing on SDGs #6, #12, #13 & #14. These SDGs are the ones we can influence the most with our sustainable supply chain controlled through the best certifications on the market for recycling and ecology.

Every hero has a villain – what challenges do you or your targeted group face?

Our biggest challenge is with the market, because the prices for organic and recycled products are not harmonized yet with the conventional products and production. We also have serious trouble with the word “sustainability”, because the word is getting abused and overused.

What are you doing to overcome your villain?

We need to show the consumers, companies, and our customers what true sustainability is, and how to tell the true story about sustainability. We can only do this by showing our transparent setup and using our certifications. One step at a time.

Who is your hero and why?

Person-wise: Raúl Gonzalez Blanco – former football player and captain of Real Madrid – showing true passion through loyalty and dedication. Raúl was not the best player in history, but he might be the best and most respected captain.

Organization-wise: Patagonia, for not-compromising when they want something to happen, and engaging their colleagues in taking a stand.

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Fact Box

  • Company name: Superstainable
  • Company type: Corporation
  • Company stage: Scaling
  • SDG Focus: SDGs #6, #12, #13 & #14
  • What is needed to succeed? We need more focus on the PR branding and engagement.
  • Technology Used: Certified recycling of plastic to textiles & certified organic fibers for textiles.
  • Number of employees: 6
  • Country: Denmark
  • Website: http://www.superstainable.com
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