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Anne Katrine Heje Larsen

What is your super HERO NAME?

Anne Katrine Heje Larsen

What is your superpower?

DISIE is an incubator and a community, and since 2009 we have pushed the agenda for social entrepreneurship and sustainable change in DK – one impact startup at a time.


What SDG is your organization integrating into its core competency?

Our start-ups work hard on a daily basis to contribute to all 17 SDGs on different targets and levels. DISIE focuses on supporting those start-ups and doing so help to achieve goal #17 – partnerships for the goals. We team up with relevant stakeholders in our mission to support impact start-ups.

Every hero has a villain – what challenges do you or your targeted group face?

We live in a rapidly changing society where climate crises, financial crises and confidence crises for established systems and decision-makers is very present. It challenges our societal structures and demands new social and sustainable solutions; solutions that can bring us closer to the 2030 agenda and create a sustainable world.

What are you doing to overcome your villain?

We collect, analyze, measure, educate, visualize and co-create the new generation of entrepreneurs and organizations; all those who put action behind words and who want to make a difference. In this fragmented ecosystem, we are a focal point and link between idea makers, start-ups, private investors, foundations, NGOs and decision makers. We also host events for the ecosystem and develop tools for action and support structures for impact start-ups who work proactively with the SDGs as a key component of their business.

Who is your hero and why?

David Bowie, because he has managed to be ahead of his time and help set agendas, while still managing to preserve himself and his art, inspire, and been visionary.

Fact Box


  • Company name: DISIE
  • Company type: Hybrid (ex. Non profit, corporation, city)
  • SDG Focus: SDG #17 – Partnerships for the goals
  • Technology used: Digital Platform
  • Impact: Financial, social and environmental
  • Number of employees: 5 + app. 10 international interns and volunteers
  • Country: Denmark
  • Website:
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