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The SDG Student Ambassadors Denmark was founded at DTU Skylab in October 2017 and is a voluntary initiative – by students, for students, each with individual interests and backgrounds, from different universities. The ambassadors want to mobilize and engage people to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals and make an impact.
In 2019 they started to run, in collaboration with Sustainary, the SDG Student Ambassadors Hub located where the SDG Student Ambassadors was founded: DTU Skylab.

The Aim

Each year the SDG Student Ambassadors Hub will focus on a specific SDG.
In 2019, our first year running the Hub, the topic chosen was:
SDG 12: Responsible Consumption, specifically plastics.

Upcoming Activities

Visit to “SDG Heroes”

Many companies and people are working towards the SDGs. The SDG Student Ambassadors are innovative students with focus on a better future, but they have much to learn from those who have been working for years on building a better world in their respective fields. In week 47 2019, we will gather several students and young influencers to visit companies or communities and learn how they implement their ideas to make an impact. Inspired by Sustainary’s SDG Super Heroes panel, this project will aim to visit some of these identified heroes to hear and get inspired firsthand about their work.

Plastic Hackathon

Every year to mark the change of topic that the SDG Student Ambassadors Hub has as a focus, we will be holding a hackathon. As the subject for 2019 was plastic, the 2-3 day hackathon in week 6 of 2020 will be about Plastic. The event will end with a presentation of the new subject for the year of 2020. Follow the SDG Student Ambassadors on the social media for more information about the project in the future.

Previous Events

Mini Plastic Hackathon

Our first event was in collaboration with Student and Innovation House where over 30 young people met to discuss and brainstorm about solution on how to better use plastic. Sustainary had two experts on the subject coming to share their work and innovative ideas as inspiration. Six student ideas were presented, received feedback, and were encouraged to continue working on their projects. The best solution received the night’s prize.

Power of Today’s Change

Our second event was a huge success that came from the great collaboration with Sustainability Influencers and Student Talks. University of Copenhagen professor Mickey Gjerris, started the event speaking on sustainability, the environment and the ethics concerned with those topics.
Later, 3 student presentations took place: Hannah von Czettriz on Zero Waste, João A. B. R. Møller on Engagement with the SDGs, and the founders of SAGA on Sustainable Space Architecture.
The event ended with 5 workshops where participants could discuss deeper about subjects such as Zero Waste and Minimalism.

Plastic Free Campus

21 November 2019

We will present the current situation of the DTU campus and have workshops in different groups to get ideas of how to make it free of plastic waste.

In collaboration with Sustainary and Netto, SDG Student Ambassadors DK presents a panel of students as well as representatives from DTU and Netto that will give their perspective on how to reduce plastic waste.

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