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Founded: 2018
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In Denmark, 88% percent of the population thinks global warming is a serious problem. The problem is, that they don't know what to do. Citizens don't know how to act effectively on reducing their carbon footprint in their everyday life nor how to exercise their political influence. This leads to frustration and anxiety on a personal level and a climate crisis on a global level. We want to empower individuals so that they know how to offset their current emissions, reduce their future emissions and put pressure on decision-makers to push for a greener world.

We help both B2C and B2B customers measure and understand their carbon footprint. We then help them to offset their current emissions by supporting our carbon-reducing projects in developing countries while working with them to bring down future emissions.

For B2C customers you take a test on our website, which determines your carbon footprint across 5 categories. With our upcoming version 2.0, members will receive tailor-made guidance on how to live climate-friendly, be able to set goals to lower their footprint and be kept motivated by carefully chosen game elements and build a community with friends. Members will also be kept up to date with important events, petitions, etc, resulting in a true one-stop solution to taking real action on climate change.

For B2B we fill the gap between doing nothing or paying upwards of 30K $ for a Life Cycle Assessment and provide a much cheaper analysis which is still precise enough to offset, communicate to the public and act upon.

Impact description

With RenSti the individual takes direct responsibility for the harm that thet personally causes to the world and pays a fee directly tied to your emissions – instead of donating an arbitrary amount like 15 EUR 'because you're a good person'.

We also offer you something in return. Step by step gamified guidance on how to live a climate-friendly life and a community to do it with – instead of the one-way transaction you would normally get.

Lastly, unlike most impact-driven organizations and NGO's in our sector, we are not run by old university professors or old-school charity thinking. We are a digital native startup giving us a competitive advantage through the low barrier of entry for new customers and low acquisition cost purely through social media. Our hardcore business-for-impact approach, combined with our digital scalability, allows us to create a market for carbon offsetting and climate-friendly living.

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Oskar Dahl - Co-founder

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Climate change

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Capital, Partnerships, Awareness, Technology

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Would you like to reach out to this company?

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