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Africa Rising: challenges & opportunities

15 October 2019

The UK Department for International Trade in the Czech Republic in collaboration with Forum 2000 organised a working breakfast on the topic of Africa Rising with inspirational speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities within the fast growing region.

The working breakfast was part of the annual Forum 2000 conference and centred around a debate between a number of very inspiring speakers representing today’s Africa:

  • Andrea Papus Ngombet Malewa, Activist, Republic of the Congo/France
  • Olusegun Adeniyi, Journalist, Nigeria
  • Asha Ahmed Mwilu, Documentary Filmmaker, Kenya
  • moderator: Jana Hybášková, Former EU Ambassador to Namibia

The goal was to present the continent to the audience as a place full of potential that is open to business activities to entrepreneurs from the region.

The group spoke about the social phenomena impacting the continent such as climate change and demography which have become increasingly acute, and are viewed as cross cutting themes, which transcended national borders. That is the reason why sustainability is seen as the theme of the near future.

24 MARCH 2020

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