Sustainary Partners are the local anchor point for partnership and international collaboration.

Our international partnership model is based upon:

Licensing (Country Partner)

You are an established organisation and want to run Sustainary programs (such as a regional competition, acceleration, mentoring), consultancy (such as innovation labs with SDGs as a strategy) or include the Sustainary brand in your projects when applying for funds in your country.
The model is based upon a licensing fee agreement.

Sustainary Impact Labs

A partnership between a city, knowledge institution, corporation, consultancy, individual, or student organisation to form a local SDG anchor point in your community. The prime focus of the Impact Lab is to inspire, educate and shape partnership around sustainability. The activities within the SDG Impact Lab should identify and execute solutions, and create awareness in the community towards more sustainable living.

The Impact Lab should run at least 6 open door events targeting your community, showcase solutions to inspire and engage the community, run at least 2 co-creations labs with stakeholders to find solutions, and form an ambassador group to promote your results. Partners can build specific programs (incubation, acceleration or scaling projects) or plug in existing programs into the Sustainary system.

Sustainary Delegates

A delegate is an individual or organisation who represents Sustainary in their city and country. The main goal is to promote Sustainary, as well as attract universities, companies and investors in their countries to join Sustainary as a member, thereby creating partnerships as a Sustainary Impact Center.
We expect at least 5 years of experience in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape, and a team of at least 3 individuals to support the delegate in making an impact on the local community. We require a minimum 3 years of commitment from our delegates.

Become a Partner or a Delegate

Our local partners represent the philosophy of Sustainary:
Creating partnerships to identify, match and execute on technologies for a sustainable future.

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Leading Partners

Denmark: DTU (Danish Technical University), Copenhagen
Iceland: University of Reykjavik, Reykjavik
Spain: Fransisco Costa, Santiago de Compostela
Luxembourg: University of Luxembourg, City of Luxembourg
China: Heyi Tech, Shanghai


India: Gaurav Ghandi, New Delhi
Brazil: Douglas Souza – Organisation: Eureca, Sao Paolo
Angola: Manuel Napoleão – Hedging Consultant, Luanda

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Our Common Language

We are fully dedicated to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



"Sustainary serves to provide two important assets to universities; collaboration with other partners and drive towards the chosen goals.  In that way, Sustainary facilitates improvement, innovation and impact for universities."

Dr. Ari Johnsson
President, Reykjavik University

"Sustainary is uniquely important because the initiative will leverage the important innovations from Universities from around the world by connecting them with entrepreneurs, advisors and financing through Sustainary's global network and competition."

Søren Juul Jorgensen
Fellow & Co-Founder of the Tech Advisory Group, at the Handa Center for Human Rights & International Justice at Stanford University

Our Partners

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Human Shojaee

Tel: +45 29 29 07 67

CVR: 40031960