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December 4, 2020

OUR CHOICE circular fashion

The world’s first circular sneakers were developed by OUR CHOICE, and are a Kickstarter success. Founded in Luxemburg in 2018, the quick path to reach their pledge is evidence of the public’s demand for a product that is plastic-free and 100% made of natural raw materials.

We spoke with Filip Westerlund, the founder and CEO of OUR CHOICE and the visionary behind the circular, no waste, sneakers. In their own words, OUR CHOICE is “leading the shift from quantity to quality” offering a repair and upgrading service that will make sure your new favourite shoe does not end in a landfill (contrary to 87-99% of all footwear!) and can be worn forever.

OUR CHOICE is looking into supplying a global market. For that, they need investment to allow them to continue developing circular products and grow from start-up to scale-up, to a brand that can respond to global demand.

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Bringing sustainable innovation into the fashion-tech world is not an easy task and OUR CHOICE brings a competitive edge based on their sustainable approach and the better price they give their consumers, essential to attracting customers in a B2C model. 

Further, to attract more customers a new design of the grip colour is available based on different meanings behind each colour. As soon as the company gets 200 backers the diverse colour option will unlock, so choice quick wich statement you want to send to the fashion industry: BLUE – for plastic-free Ocean, GREEN – circular fashion, YELLOW – social responsibility, RED – pure raw-materials, WHITE – transparency, BLACK – natural CO2 Footprint.

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OUR CHOICE is the first of our investment matchmaking stories. By highlighting the best products and services out there we hope to connect start-ups with investors – contact us at [email protected] if you want to be connected with OUR CHOICE.

“Given all that is happening in the world — we need to stay positive and hopeful through the crisis – our circular sneakers are all about a sustainable new beginning for the people and the planet.”
Filip Westerlund, Founder & CEO

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