June 9, 2020
STORIES CORNER: Myinnerme Reopening


Myinnerme is a psychology app that helps parents support their children, with four research-based courses as options to follow. Their services have become increasingly relevant during the covid-19 crisis as people experience more external stressors.

We spoke with Louise Herping Ellegaard CEO & CO-FOUNDER of Myinnerme, to see what has changed for them in recent months.

What did you find the most difficult when it came to re-opening?

Myinnerme offers a mental well-health app where families with children aged 10-18 are given advice and guidance to deal with emotional challenges such as grief, anger and social anxiety – which is extremely relevant in 2020. After COVID-19 we have experienced an increasing demand from both Denmark, Sweden and the English-speaking countries. 

After the reopening, the employees’ children have also started again in school and day care institutions which has allowed us to work more hours a day without getting disturbed. But this means that all meetings must be squeezed in less time as the children are back after a few hours. On the positive side, we learn to work more efficiently and goal oriented because we have fewer hours available.

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How did you come up with a strategy for reopening?

We have followed the guidelines from the public authorities and then we have offered that co-workers continue to work from home. Partly because of health issues, but also to save time on transport.

What changes did you come up with, in your strategy or day to day operations?

We have canceled our office leases because we have found out that we work just as well as a remote team. We have people sitting in Denmark, Egypt and India so we communicate mostly via Slack anyway.

What are your expectations for the future (how do you think COVID-19 echo time will impact the sustainability/green agenda)?

We expect that COVID-19 will mean that the world sees a lot of new sustainable / green inventions that can benefit us in the future. “Need teaches naked woman to spin” as we say in Denmark.

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