April 27, 2020

Navigating the crisis


Construction involves significant consumption of resources, but when done right it can improve quality of life while limiting resource usage in the day to day. Leadax, a Dutch company producing a circular and affordable alternative to lead sheeting, helps the world achieve this aim. Founded several years ago, Leadax’s products are now sold in 15 countries Winner of ING Circular Enterprise Prize in 2019,

This time in Navigating Crises, Leadax’s CEO, Roeland van Delden, shares his thoughts with us.

What challenges have you faced in light of the present COVID-19 crisis? How are you overcoming them?
Roeland: Currently we are facing a lockdown in three of the fifteen countries we are selling Leadax in. However, as a manufacturer of circular & sustainable waterproofing materials we have the strong belief that construction globally will go on, even in the aftermath of covid-19. In residential buildings as well as in utility and industry. Besides that we also think there we will be an extra focus on health and sustainable solutions as long as they are affordable.
How has your company ethos shifted? Are you still focusing on achieving the same goals as before, or are you focusing on new goals?
Roeland: This event occurring now in the world has even given more drive to change the world for the better. It confirms our beliefs and our determination is even higher now.
How can people help you continue to develop?
Roeland: We have great plans to upscale and use even a bigger part of the PVB-waste pile. To do so, we still keep looking for new global strategic partners. Also keeping up exposure for our developments will be important in a conservative construction industry.
How has the crisis altered where you see your business 2 years from now?
Roeland: To be honest, we hope that we still remain on track and we keep confident to do so!
What advice can you share with others about maintaining momentum at this time?
Roeland: I am advising to keep communicating. With your team, with your clients, with your followers. They are your ambassadors, also in these strange times.
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“Give me peace of mind to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to see the difference”
– Markus Aurelius

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