April 14, 2020

Navigating the crisis


One of the simplest ways to live more sustainably is to reduce the amount of resources we use. This is the theory behind the innovative products from LastObject. This grassroots company, founded and initially funded by Kickstarter and Indiegogo are committed to reducing Single-Use models.

We spoke to co-founder Isabel Aagaard as part of our Navigating Crises series about the challenges LastObject has been facing as a result of Covid-19 and how they are working to overcome them.

What challenges have you faced in light of the present COVID-19 crisis? How are you overcoming them?
Isabel: We, like many businesses, have not had much sales and have had to be creative with the way we work. Quite quickly we saw a spike in our like conversion on facebook, as many people were now home and had time to explore interests.
We therefore overcame our low sales by investing time and money in our community and created an in depth report about the biggest environmental problems that we have today and an understanding of the numbers on this. We found that now is the time for depth, people had time to sit down and really understand the environmental crisis.
How has your company ethos shifted? Are you still focusing on achieving the same goals as before, or are you focusing on new goals?
Isabel: Our main goal has not shifted. We have found that being an agile little company with a healthy economy is very beneficial in times like these. How our world will change post covid-19 will be very interesting, and we may see changes in our product launches.
How can people help you continue to develop?
Isabel: We are focused on creating and developing reusable objects that will lower our waste, we only hope to see that people continue exploring a sustainable lifestyle and want to create a less trashy world.
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How has the crisis altered where you see your business 2 years from now?
Isabel: We don’t see any long term changes to our business. If we are looking at a world that from now on will occasionally have viruses that result in lockdowns, our products will be very convenient as they will replace something you continuously buy and therefore not have access to.
What advice can you share with others about maintaining momentum at this time?
Isabel: Don’t panic. When we go through times like these everything can seem very scary and frightening. It’s important to keep calm and take this time to involve yourself in something you always wanted to. Really explore and understand a subject or work on what actually matters. This is pulling most people out of their day to day automations. So take the time to stop and evaluate.
“Give me peace of mind to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to see the difference”
– Markus Aurelius

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