Impact Hub Kickoff Event


6th February 2019

at Pier47

The Event

We launched the perfect HUB/co-working space for impact driven tech companies and organisations in Copenhagen, working with SDGs & Emerging markets.

Our end-goal is to help more danish companies succeed in delivering solutions to new markets in need. Through this event, we discussed the importance of a successful HUB, and initiated the conversation on what makes a collaborative HUB effective.

The event included relevant NGOs, Impact Investors, and Important Stake-holders to establish the right partnerships, create networking opportunities, and facilitate development.


Key Take-Aways

  • An SDG Hub for Emerging Markets is a top priority and much needed.
  • Cross-pollination collaboration in a hub is crucial, for the creation of more successful start-ups in emerging markets.
  • Forming communities of stake-holders, investors, startups, corporates, and NGOs, will be a key element of the hub.
  • There is a need to define a well-functioning screening process, a clear definition of the goal and the framework for an SDG Hub.
  • It is important for a person to have the spirit of an entrepreneur, be an organiser, to act as a glue in the SDG Hub, to form partnerships
  • The UN SDGs brought awareness and a common language to the masses.
  • The time is NOW!

The Event

You can take a short peek of the event itself, in the video and the pictures below