June 23, 2020


Humanitrack is a start-up that helps develop tech hubs and road maps to a sustainable future. COVID-19 has revealed to them how their work is all the more important and they are looking forward to the future.

What did you find the most difficult when it came to reopening? How did you overcome this difficulty?

Humanitrack’s journey during this pandemic has been typical for any startup…we hit a wall with the lockdown and inability to host and attend the events we had been preparing for. Then in an agile move we slightly pivoted our efforts to make the most of the situation.  Our “re-opening” happened soon after the lockdown and our small pivot to start our Epidemic Response Quest which allows anyone to help find and connect the dots of the tech battling COVID-19 and then share this with the world to encourage awareness, alignment and collaboration.

Do you feel ready to adapt to new developments (a 2nd wave, or a new pandemic)?

Humanitrack is definitely ready for any second wave or future epidemics by the very nature of our Epidemic Response Quest.  Our community there will continue to grow and maintain our databases, overviews, and roadmaps of the solutions preventing and handling COVID-19 and future epidemics.  As our global community grows, especially including our university level students, we will have our pre-projecting aspects of our platform ready to improve upon existing solutions and even innovate new ones!

What changes did you come up with, in your strategy or day to day operations?

The biggest challenge during this time was balancing home and work life for our team members.  We saw the need and potential of using our platform at humanitrack.org to tap into those idling at home and wanting to volunteer remotely and create an impact in the battle against COVID-19 with science and technology.  We created a new global volunteering team of over 40 members and a process to develop and maintain all of the sections for this Quest.  Humanity has seen the power of collective intelligence during this pandemic and how much impact they can have even as an individual stuck at home.

What are your expectations for the future (how do you think COVID-19 echo time will impact the sustainability/green agenda)?

The process we are developing for creating and scaling the Epidemic Response Quest will be replicated and improved upon for all of our future tech Quests driving progress towards other challenges like Cancer, the Climate Crisis, and of course the Sustainable Development Goals.  Humanity will be well positioned to tackle these challenges and goals as we re-emerge from COVID-19 and Humanitrack will be there to empower this and future generations to get us all on track to a healthy and sustainable future!

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