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Invites you to join the Green Impact Week!

Green Impact Week will entail a week of activities in Denmark (and internationally) in which different organizations hold events, talks, workshops, exhibitions etc. focusing on sustainability and Impact.
The main theme of the week is the green transition as the key to Post COVID-19 recovery and restart of our societies.

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What is it?

The Green Impact Week is the newest Sustainability event coming to Denmark! Driven by the Green Impact Alliance, we are inviting anyone to host talks, workshops, exhibitions and any event that focuses on the Green transition.


The COVID-19 crisis will result in natural economic decline in Denmark and worldwide. Sustainability is a way forward in our efforts to restore growth and it must be the focal point of creating new growth based on sustainability. That is why we, as a community will join together now with each of our activities and send a clear signal separately, but as a whole: The road ahead can only be green.

Major events are complicated to arrange due to social distancing limitations. Yet, this does not prevent us engaging across cities and countries in unifying in our sustainable mission.


Different locations in Copenhagen and across Denmark.




Would you like to run an activity during the week, let your initiative be part of this global message and let us help you reach a wider audience!


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Sustainary SDG Tech Labs Innovation academy
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