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Are you a company that wants to boost your green initiative?

Join the Green Crowdlending!

Sustainary and Coop Crowdfunding have joined forces to offer Green conversion loans in the form of Crowdlending. We are experiencing interest from consumers who want to invest in a greener future – together we can help make your loan campaign possible to launch your sustainable business.

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Benefits from the Green Crowdlending

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 Quick, easy, and personal process all the way down to 14 days.

Fair lending terms compared to conventional banks

Interest paid to consumers instead of to the bank

Give consumers the opportunity to invest in what they stand for

Your customers become your ambassadors

 More than 27 000 members on the Coop Crowdfunding platform

Toolbox for your financial journey planning

Communication and branding support

Network group with like-minded companies

Green Impact Assessment of your product

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What is Crowdlending?

Crowdlending allows companies to finance their business through a large and diverse group of people. It offers SMEs an interesting alternative to a traditional bank loan, enabling them to obtain financial resources in a more straightforward way and fair conditions. Moreover, It provides an opportunity to enter into direct contact with potential customers and receive immediate feedback. This type of fundraising allows regular people to invest in businesses they believe in.

Why Green Crowdlending?

Using Crowdlending as your investment choice allows you to build a community of loyal people that believes in your product and in your team. Your community and network will grow from the campaign and will accompany you through your journey. By participating in the Green Crowdlending program, your company will receive the necessary financing and marketing tools to support its green initiatives.

Coop Crowdlending allows companies to start a campaign on a secure platform where its members can lend money to green companies and get a return on investment. Coop Crowdfunding has over 1,9 million members with more than 27,000 users investing in green companies through loans.

The process:

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Together we determine your financial needs, make a plan, and align expectations with the terms of the loan and marketing. When you submit relevant materials, we can make a credit assessment. Assuming a positive credit rating, we develop your project for the platform in collaboration with you.

General Crowdlending terms:

  • Loan size: 200,000 – 10 million DKK at the same or lower interest rate as the bank
  • Based on your credit assessment we will agree on: the terms for the loan and the interest rate
  • Platform Fee: 4.5% one-time fee
  • Back Payment fee: 1.5%
  • Loan period: 5 years with the possibility of extension
  • Drop Out fee: 4.000 DKK
  • The loan is non-cancellable for lenders, while the company can choose to repay the loan at any time

Financial requirements for credit assessment:

Depending on the industry, loans are provided to companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Equity ratio of at least 20% (10% for trading and service companies)
  • Interest-bearing net debt of a maximum of 150% of equity
  • Interest-bearing net debt in relation to EBITDA of a maximum of 5
  • Liquidity ratio of 1 and above
  • At least one profitable financial year within the last three years

Success Stories

GRÖNT’s dream was to drive around Denmark with their green food truck to spread the message “it’s easy to eat climate-friendly”.
Their dream became true in only 27 minutes: they launched their 200,000 DKK loan request on Wednesday 11 August at 16.30, and at 16.57 the loan was completed!


Ditte Tranberg decided to participate once again in the Coop Crowdfunding loan campaign to make her baby “Linser for livet” grow. Once again, she was torn away: within just 5 minutes on the platform, Ditte’s loan is the fastest drawn project ever at Coop Crowdfunding.




Registration is free of charge.
If you meet the requirements you are welcome to apply. After you apply, your application will be assessed for consideration. We will contact you for further details and update you on the assessment process.

For more information contact us here.


Sustainary have partnered up with Coop to create Green Crowdlending, for your company to get a loan through the platform provided by Coop.

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