Comeat IVS

Country: Denmark 🇩🇰
Founded: 2017

Name of the sustainable initiative


Initiative description

Comeat is a dinner community for people with a passion for travel, eating good food and meeting new people from around the world. In our community of internationals and locals we open our homes and offer others a seat at our dinner table. dinners are booked via our website, our mobile apps, as well as our Facebook groups, which now have more than 1000 community members in each of our two cities. We are currently up and running in Copenhagen and Milan, and aim to be present in all great cities in the world. We have brought together over 1000 people for more than 200 dinners.

Impact description

Comeat wants to make a positive footprint on the world. We are working within three of the sustainable development goals defined by the UN; SDG 3 Good Health and Well-Being, SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

SDG-3: Struggles come with relocating, it's hard to find information without speaking the language, to find a job without a network, and to make friends and settle in. Cooking a nice meal for one might be expensive and time consuming, so in many cases people who aet alone end up buying takeaway, as it is more convenient and cheaper, potentially resulting in loneliness and unhealthy diets. In Denmark 2/3 international students leave after graduation, 50% of expats leave within 3 years and according to the latest InterNations survey we rank BOTTOM no. 64 of 64 countries on 'easiness of finding friends'. Danish companies need skilled foreign labour and pay large sums to attract it, the government has several initiatives making it easier to come, but this all is wasted if we cannot make people stay here. Comeat has this top of our agenda, we want to make people LOVE Denmark, and want our community to give them the social factor they're missing. Comeat provides easy access to home cooked meals, you eat together and not alone, and we aim for our dinners to help people find a sense of belonging.

SDG-11: We currently have 80M+ expats in the world, and as more and more people travel and relocate to the cities, more restaurants need to open and local shops close. This has led to a negative feel among locals in some cities, and a ""them vs. us"" mentality. In addition, there is a trend towards nationalistic feelings and xenophobia, that contributes to a more divided world, enhancing the issue. With the Comeat community, we can create friendships across cultures, break down some of the nationalistic mentality, and take some of the traffic away from restaurants by eating together at home.

SDG12: When you buy products from supermarkets, they often come in bundled packages, fitting families of 5-6 people. Cooking for only one person, results in higher cost and often a lot of food is being wasted, as it goes bad before it can be used. Boiling e.g. pasta or baking lasagne for 6 people in stead of 1, does not use a lot more energy. Sharing dinners and cooking for more people is energy efficient and it also helps our hosts reduce their food waste. We encourage using ingredients they already have to avoid unused leftover ingredients.

Contact Person

Sofie Hafström Nielsen, CEO

What sector is the business involved in

Mobility, Mental health, food, online marketplace, networking

Country the product is present outside the base country


List of countries the company could be targeting

  • Spain
  • Turkey

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Looking for

Capital, Partnerships, Awareness, More qualified team members

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