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Sustainable models within the Northern Powerhouse

18-20 September 2019

The UK Department for International Trade (DIT) in Romania participated at the Transylvanian Clusters International Conference – the largest international annual event dedicated to clusters:
“Clusters: Ecosystems for Innovation and New Business”.

The event aims to focus on the benefits that clusters can bring to the worldwide economy, ecosystems for innovation and next business extended internationally.

DIT had the chance to promote the sustainable models within the Northern Powerhouse, highlighting UK capabilities within the sustainable ecosystem at the Dinner Roundtable on the first day and through the keynote speech of Nigel Jones, Digital & Creative Specialist, The Northern Powerhouse Investment Hub, on the second main conference day.

Together with local stakeholders, Cristina Dragu, Director, DIT UK Foreign Direct Investment – CEN Hub, organised a Build TechGREAT workshop, advising local entrepreneurs on setting up their business in the UK.

The event was live streamed, reaching audience in real time; bringing awareness about the UK opportunities, the Foreign Direct Investment team and services DIT can provide for companies’ UK endeavours and sustainable business cases.

24 MARCH 2020

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