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What is the Sustainary Career Club?

The Sustainary Career Club is a revolutionary way to utilise the Scandinavian job market. An integrated online and offline approach will provide you, whether you are looking for a job or someone to hire, with a unique platform which allows you to share the story of your climate journey.

The core principle of Sustainary Career Club is to prepare job seekers and employers for the future of work with sustainability in mind.

Sustainary Career Club Events


Interaction is the key to finding and recruiting the best talent.

Sustainary Career Club events will be like no other job fair; we place an emphasis on connection, interaction and communication. Far from static stalls in a drafty exhibition centre, Sustainary Career Club events will be a dynamic mix of activities aimed at providing more than just a stack of CVs; You will walk away with the insight and greater knowledge about the job market and how it is evolving.

You’ll find that in every event held by Sustainary, we aim to make it an inclusive and empowering experience for those attending; Sustainary Career Club is no different. It is an opportunity to connect the students, graduates and other job seekers with the companies, startups and organizations that share their views and desires.

Each event will be a unique experience, but all will include at least one of the following:

Reverse Pitches

Allowing for companies to pitch their sustainability commitments and jobseekers to find jobs that fit their needs and desires


Connecting those who have valuable and unique skills with the companies and organisations that need them, based on their CV and experiences

Classifieds Wall and Bulletin Boards

an opportunity to highlight job opportunities, your skills and potential, as well as relevant events from various companies

Talks, Debates, Panels

Wherever possible, we will invite industry experts, students and graduates, and others with knowledge about the sustainable job market to share and interact with the attendees

“70% of millennials said that they were more likely to take a job at a company that had a strong environmental agenda?”

source: Fast Company

Sustainary Career Club Job Board

A digital job board where your story is key.

We are hard at work creating a pioneering online job listing platform which allows you to share not only job roles but also your sustainable initiatives; Career Hub Classifieds. Whereas other job listing platforms allow you to share a limited description of your business, your experience or your skills, the Sustainary Career Club Classifieds will allow you to showcase your sustainable credentials and commitment.

How can you make the most of the Career Club Classifieds?

Companies, brands, organisations

Promote your vacancies
Interact with talented jobseekers
Share your commitment to sustainability

Start-ups, SMEs, growing businesses

Fill the skills gap in your business
Meet enthusiastic jobseekers
Share your potential

Students, Graduates, Jobseekers

Impress innovative and pioneering businesses
Find your dream sustainable job
Share your skills and experiences

“A fifth (20%) of companies failed to recruit someone for a position between June 2019 to December 2019?”

source: STAR

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