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Founded: 2019
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The solution

By creating the business models, systems and processes to enable investment into micro property, Bitprop is able to link financial institutions to the 83% of the population of the world that has land and assets but no title or record of such assets. Through the use of technology, information and new business models Bitprop acts as a conduit, taking property owners previously invisible to financial institutions and making them visible, creating value and enabling access. In a sustainable way, we develop the micro property and owner to the point where they can become a client of the financial institution. We act as the bridge between the informal and the formal, thereby enabling micro property development at macro scale.

Impact description

Peruvian economist de Soto estimates that 83% of the world has land but no title. With no title or record of income 83% of the world cannot use their property asset to access capital. This asset is invisible which means that the wealth of most “owners” is invisible. This excludes owners from the financial system and severely limits access to credit.

Combine this with the developing world phenomenon of mass urbanisation and the soaring demand for housing and we get the result of mass city slums; sub-standard housing at high cost. The World Bank estimates that by 2030, more than 3 billion people in the world will live in sub-standard housing, leading to all the associated developmental problems.

Based on existing systems, processes and mind-sets, de Soto estimates that there is more than $9 trillion of capital locked in this property. The Bitprop solution seeks to overcome this funding bottle-neck in a practical sustainable way by making the asset visible, enabling investment and returns and unlocking this capital for those who need it most.

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Glen Jordan

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Financial Services

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South Africa

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Capital investment

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