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CleanTech in the UK:
Opportunities for Swiss companies

12 November 2019

The Department for International Trade at the British Embassy in Berne, in collaboration with Cleantech Alps hosted an informative session about how the UK’s CleanTech sector is developing and about the Sustainable Fast Track UK Awards.

Noel McEvoy, Country Director at DIT Switzerland, spoke about UK’s commitment to CleanTech: Clean growth as a priority of the UK’s Industrial Strategy. Opportunities, challenges and UK offer.

Sam Goodall, International Manager at Cambridge Cleantech, UK, highlighted how Cambridge Cleantech work with international companies on green growth & sustainability topics. He provided participants with an overview of the UK’s CleanTech sector & opportunities for overseas companies.

Jakub Novak, Head of Investment at DIT Switzerland, shared more details about the Sustainable Fast Track UK Awards, idea behind the challenge, geographical focus and application process.

The Swiss stop of the Sustainability Tour Europe attracted 20 attendees from Swiss businesses, industry and government, leading to increased Swiss interest in participating in the Sustainable Fast Track UK programme.

24 MARCH 2020

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