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Country: Denmark 🇩🇰
Founded: 2016
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Name of the sustainable initiative

Microalgae as a food and feed ingredient

Initiative description

At the northern tip of Denmark, Aliga Microalgae has built one of Europe's most modern production facilities to produce and commercialise nutritious, plant-based and protein-rich microalgae products for the aquaculture-, food-, beverage- and dietary supplement industries globally. Aliga's focus lies on the novel food approved strain Chlorella and after several years of thorough research, selective propagation and product development, Aliga has launched the Aquapaste, a premium-quality chlorella product for the aquaculture hatchery industries. Parallel Aliga has also developed a fresh Chlorella concentrate which is a functional plant-based ingredients that can enrich food, beverage and dietary supplement products with chlorella's unique nutritional properties of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Omega-3's.

Impact description

Today food and feed manufacturers have high demands put on them when it comes to reducing environmental impact, both in their own manufacturing processes as well as from the impact the ingredients incorporated in their recipes and formulations makes. We are proud to say that sustainability is an integrated part of our daily operations given chlorella is one of the most climate-smart crop that can be cultivated on our planet. It has a very low C02 emission rate, that is below 1 kg for every kg biomass of chlorella produced. It requires no arable land resources as it is produced in closed and fully controlled fermenters in an in-door production facility. This can be compared to traditional plant-based crops like soy, pea and pulses that are produced on agricultural land which requires significant water consumption and vast land usage. It also has much higher protein levels than soy and pea, where Chlorella's levels are around 50-60% compared to soy's 30% and pea's 15%.

Contact Person

David Erlandsson: Co-Founder

What sector is the business involved in

Food & Agriculture, Microalgae production

Countries the product is present outside the base country


List of regions the company could be targeting

  • Scandinavia
  • Europe

Number of employees


Looking for

Capital, Partnerships, Research, Awareness, Technology, Infrastructure Investment

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Would you like to reach out to this company?

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