What is Sustainary

A global non-profit partnership platform
to improve knowledge & access to Sustainable technology
to share ideas and foster business innovation.

Our Story

Globally, people face sustainability challenges in all aspects of their lives, from food insecurity to gender inequality to impacts from a changing climate. At the same time, solutions to tackle the majority of these issues already exist.

We believe collaboration and learning from one another’s successes is the greatest opportunity we have to accelerate change.

Our Mission

Bridge the gap. Connect implementers with ideas.

Our Implementers

Startup specialists, business angels, designers, entrepreneurs, community builders, governments, consultants & corporate leaders.

In Short

Sustainary is a global platform for sustainable collaboration rooted in technological advancements.

Identify technology that provides solutions to sustainability challenges

Connect implementers with solutions

Create hubs for collaboration

Educate others on “what we know"

Create partnerships to execute on sustainable solutions

Sustainary Board Members

Dr. Ari Jonsson

President, Reykjavik University

Monika Luniewska Jensen

BioInnovation Institute

Søren Juul Jørgensen

Fellow and Co-founder at the Handa Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University

Christina Schiøtt Liaos

Nordic-Batlic Director UK Trade & Investment

Erik Thomas Johnson

Chief Consultant Sustainable Business
DI International Business Development

Sif Neldeborg

Consultant & Project Leader IT-Branchen

Dr. Jes Broeng

Head of Center for Entrepreneurship & Open Entrepreneurship DTU

Sustainary Team Members

Sustainary’s core team is based in our HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark

Human Shojaee

Founder & President
Copenhagen, Denmark

Bo Koch-Christensen

Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships
Copenhagen, Denmark

Sophia Christou

Project Manager & Communication
Copenhagen, Denmark

Reka Olga Kiss

Digital Marketing
Copenhagen, Denmark


Ana Pais

Copenhagen, Denmark

Victoria Varga

Expansion & Project Assistant
Copenhagen, Denmark


Aris Kampas

Design Team Lead
Copenhagen, Denmark


Andreas Petrovits

Digital Designer
Copenhagen, Denmark


Josephine Kleinschmidt

Web Designer
Copenhagen, Denmark


Lena Tanguy

Graphic Designer
Copenhagen, Denmark


Ticiana Galajxhi

Marketing Assistant


Joel Gomes

Operations Manager
Southern Europe


António Vilhena

Southern Europe

Dr. Francisco Costa

General Director Southern Europe


Marcos Nascimento

Business Development Director

Carlos Boa Morte

São Tomé e Principe

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