Identify technology that provides solutions to sustainability challenges

Connect implementers with solutions

Create hubs for collaboration

Educate others on “what we know"

Create partnerships to execute on sustainable solutions

Dr. Ari Jonsson

President, Reykjavik University

Monika Luniewska Jensen

BioInnovation Institute

Søren Juul Jørgensen

Fellow and Co-founder at the Handa Center for Human Rights and International Justice at Stanford University

Christina Schiøtt Liaos

Nordic-Batlic Director UK Trade & Investment

Erik Thomas Johnson

Chief Consultant Sustainable Business
DI International Business Development

Sif Neldeborg

Consultant & Project Leader IT-Branchen

Dr. Jes Broeng

Head of Center for Entrepreneurship & Open Entrepreneurship DTU

Human Shojaee

Founder & President
Copenhagen, Denmark

Bo Koch-Christensen

Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships
Copenhagen, Denmark

Sophia Christou

Project Manager & Communication
Copenhagen, Denmark

Adéla Hájková

Project Manager & Communication
Copenhagen, Denmark

Taniell Hamilton

Project Manager
Copenhagen, Denmark

Lydia von Lode

Digital Marketing, Copenhagen, Denmark

Aris Kampas

UX/UI Designer
Copenhagen, Denmark

Petra Grundmann

Senior Graphics Designer
Copenhagen, Denmark

Sara Thomsen

Graphics Designer
Copenhagen, Denmark

Sofia Biffi

Graphics Designer
Copenhagen, Denmark

Monica Luiza Ion

Graphics Designer
Copenhagen, Denmark

David Gerges

Financial Advisor
Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr. Francisco Costa

Regional Partner Manager, Southern Europe

Diego Valverde

Head of Global Operations
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Thiago Senden

Innovation Lead

Marisa Ribeirinho

Regional Partner Associate
Southern Europe

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